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Keeping Glassware Pristine


New glassware is coated in a mould release agent used during production, and other residues from decorative printing. If residues are not removed from new glassware, they can cause misting of glassware. 

Even with the best glasswashers, detergents, rinse aids and water softening technology, non-rinsable films can build up over time. These films trap microscopic amounts of proteins, yeast residue, and tannins from drinks as well as limescale in harder water areas.

As well as impacting the cosmetic appearance of the glassware, these films can prevent a good head forming on a beer. To avoid looking ‘flat’, a good and long-lasting head of beer needs a really clean glass surface. This also allows the head slip down the glass whilst the beer is being enjoyed, forming  the “lacing” that is part of the drinking experience.

These types of residue can negatively impact the drinking experience and affect how the customer perceives your establishment, so it’s important to: 

(a)  Treat new glassware to remove release agent

(b)  Periodically (but not regularly as overuse can damage glassware) treat glasses to retain quality.

We recommend using the specialist glass cleaner Renovate® in a dedicated overnight cleaning cycle.