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Overcoming Low Water Pressure Problems

To get the best out of your warewasher you’ll need a water pressure of 2-4 Bar (28-56 PSI) to avoid compromising wash & rinse results. If water pressure is too low, wash cycle times are unnecessarily extended. If it’s too high the machines’ valve won’t open. 

2-4 Bar water pressure is a flow rate of at least 15 litres a minute - which you can check by timing how long it takes to fill a pint glass. Multiply the time by 15, and check the answer is less than 60 seconds. If not, you’ll need an internal or external boost pump. If it’s constantly more than 15L per minute, then you might need a restrictor valve.

Sometimes low water pressure can be caused by internal plumbing problems, which you can establish quickly by checking the first cold tap on the mains supply entering the building. It’s also worth checking your inside and outside stop cock valve is properly open. Call a professional plumber if you’re in doubt.

Internal boost pumps are included with WRAS-approved break tanks. You can option break tanks on relevant machines, by selecting from the pick list shown on product pages. 

For smaller machines, you’ll need an external boost pump which can be selected from Dishwasher Accessories page.