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Receipt of Goods & Installation

Receipt of goods and installation  

Before making your online purchase, it’s important you check the following.
If you’re unsure, call us on 0113 532 4010, or email us

Deliveries including installation & Commissioning

  1.  Access: our engineers require a ground level site, with sufficiently wide and clear access to allow machines to be manually handled from the van into place. No other appliances, door or door frames should require removal, or specialist lifting equipment be needed. Machine dimensions (cm) are specified on product pages.
  2.  Services: suitably terminated water, drainage and electricity supplies must be available within a metre of the final location of the machine. The area should be tidy, clean and reasonably level.
  3. Installation site:  should be free from disruption by other trades to allow work to be continuous during normal working hour visits. You should arrange any special permits or site clearance in advance, to allow work to start as soon as the engineer arrives. You should also provide good lighting, power and water facilities free of charge. If there’s no free parking on site, vehicle parking charges will be added to the estimated cost.
  4. Packaging waste: all new appliance packaging material will be flattened and left on your premises near the waste collection point, unless otherwise agreed.
  5. Removing your old machine: We don’t routinely take away old appliances, unless agreed and paid for in advance. Please call us on 0113 532 4010 or email us to arrange, immediately you've placed an order. 

If any of points 1-4 are not satisfactorily met, or if the engineer experiences cancellations or aborted calls, this will incur extra charges. 

Deliveries without installation: 

  1. Drop-off location: if you order a machine without adding the installation & commissioning option, it will be dropped off as close as possible to the delivery site as access roads permit. The liability for the machine passes to the customer on arrival at, and (if applicable) entry into the delivery premises. Any subsequent accidental damage will be the customer's responsibility.
  1. Machine checks: check your machine immediately it arrives, before signing the delivery note and accepting the delivery. It’s important you note any transit damage on the carriers’ delivery note at the time of delivery and immediately report it to the carrier and to Expert Glasswash with photos and a follow-up written confirmation to us within 48hours. Without this, we’re unable to process claims for unused equipment damaged in transit. If you use the damaged equipment, we will take that as your acceptance of the good condition of the machine.

Please check our warranty information, for advice as to what’s needed to ensure a machine you choose not to have us install and commission, remains under warranty.